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As a freelance journalist and photographer, HRF has been „on the road" for years, featuring his specific topics of motorcycles, scale modelling and other special interests. His home are the Harley-Davidson and Bikemeetings, extraordinary storys and sophisticated photography are his trademarks.
This Website is a (however limited and small) „showcase" for MAGAZINES, who want to order a story from the dates in advance - or are on the hunt for their next special story. MANUFACTURERS, CUSTOMIZERS, EVENTS and MAGAZINES who are looking for a competent partner to create press-releases, bike features, media concepts or -contacts and more...

HRF is at your service!
Your next top-story is probably just a „click" away...

Attention!! Brandnew: Book „WILD!" at Goliath Publishing Frankfurt/New York! In 5 languages.

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